BioHeat Fuel Delivery

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BioHeat Fuel Delivery

21st Century Solution to Home Heating


We deliver BioHeat, a 21st-century solution to home-heating that’s eco-friendly, renewable, and doesn’t cost you a penny more than traditional oil heat! 

We already love heating homes with oil because it’s better for the environment and safer overall than propane (home heating oil isn’t explosive in liquid form, and smoke or soot will warn you something’s wrong before your carbon monoxide detector goes off) — but BioHeat is even more eco-friendly and efficient! 

What is BioHeat?

BioHeat is the next generation in home-heating oil that’s eco-friendly, renewable, safe and effective. It’s a mixture of standard ultra-low-sulfur heating oil and “biodiesel” — a blend of fatty acids from organic substances (all made in America) like restaurant oil, soy, corn, animal fats and vegetable oils.

In other words, BioHeat is partially “recycled” oil, blended with the home heating oil you’re used to, in order to create a cleaner and more efficient heating solution for your home.

There are two concentrations of BioHeat — B20, and B5. B20 — what we are now putting in your home — is 80% home heating oil, and 20% biodiesel.

And just some fun facts: The heating oil is “ultra-low-sulfur” meaning it has 99% less sulfur than the “old stuff” which results in a 70% reduction in emissions. Add the biodiesel to that and you have a super powerful and super green solution to home-heating.

Why Did You Switch to BioHeat?

The better question is, why not? BioHeat doesn’t cost us or you any more money, but it has amazing positive effects for the Earth. Living in Massachusetts we’ll always have a need to heat our homes, but it’s our responsibility to make sure we preserve our environment while we do it.

How is it Better for the Environment?

  1. BioHeat of B10 or higher has a lower carbon content
  2. It reduces Greenhouse Gas emissions by 50-80%!
  3. It’s renewable: soybean oil, recycled restaurant oil, etc. — they’re easy to come by and easy to produce more of.
  4. It supports local farmers and businesses since they’re the ones supplying the products in the biodiesel.

What Will it Cost Me?

Nothing more. Your bill will look the same as it always has, and you may even save money in the long run because BioHeat is kinder to your heating system than traditional home heating oil.

Do I Need to Retrofit My Heating System or Buy Something New?

Not all all! BioHeat up to B20 can safely burn in your existing system.


Homeowners can take advantage of our ten month payment plan that runs from September through June. This stretches out your heating delivery costs equally over this time period. The payment is based on your annual estimated usage. You can even put a credit card on file with us which we can run each month for your payment. We take all of the major credit cards which are stored in a secure online vault.

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