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Radiant Heat Installation & Maintenance

Because Socks Aren’t Always Enough

No one likes cold feet — or drafty corners. Radiant heat flooring is the perfect solution to inconsistent home temperatures.

But what is it?

Essentially tubes are placed beneath the flooring in your home, and hot water from your boiler runs through the series of tubing via a pump. Warmth radiates from the pipes, keeping your entire home a consistent temperature. When the water cools off, it’s pumped back to the boiler which heats the water again.

Unlike duct-work or wood burning stoves, where it’s hottest near the heat source, radiant flooring allows every nook and cranny in your home to be heated evenly.

Best of all, radiant heat flooring can go under any kind of flooring type (wood floors, laminate, carpeting), so you don’t have to sacrifice comfort or style for this incredible home-heating option.

When it comes to staying warm, don’t get cold feet! Contact us today to learn more about Radiant Heat!

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